Upcoming Continuing Education Classes

Sep 26     REALTOR® Safety                                              HOT/3 Hr/Elec               09:00am – Noon

Oct 3       *HUD                                                                HOT/3 Hr Req                09:00am – Noon                   

Oct 24      *Stigmatized Properties                                      CAR/1 Hr/Req               09:00am – Noon

                *Can I Advertise Like That in Oklahoma              CAR/1Hr/Req                                                                                       *Trust Account Procedures                                 CAR/1 Hr/Req 

Nov 15      Home Warranty 101                                          INS/3 Hr/Elec                1:00pm - 4:00pm

Dec 05      *Code of Ethics                                                 PSC/3 Hr/Req                09:00am – Noon

Dec 11      What Do You Know…About Family Law                 DOC/3 Hr/Elec              09:00am – Noon 


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